Do Not Die In Their War by Dele Farotimi

About The Book

“Do Not Die in Their War” is a frank but informed narrative on the various issues in the politics of Nigeria.

Do Not Die in Their War by Dele Farotimi

Dele...succinct. I am glad you wrote this. It accurately describes us. Someday soon NIGERIA will get it right...blessings oseee

Jibola Ajitena

Do Not Die in Their War is a honest and well thought through message that is long overdue. Thank you Dele.

Hakeem Ajibola

From the moment I started reading mine just a few nights ago, One thing was clear, Dele Farotimi is a prophet and a mind liberator.

Festus Afofun

About The Author

Dele Farotimi is the Former Student Union President at Lagos State University. He is a legal practitioner; political activist and public commentator. He is the principal partner at DF Legal ( formerly Dele Farotimi & Co), a Law Firm providing foremost legal services to the real estate sector, high profile solutions and services in litigation and infrastructure, energy law and financial institutions amongst others. He is passionate about the birth of a new and better Nigeria. Do Not Die in Their War is the first of a series of books he is working on reflecting the state of Nigeria’s polity.

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